Starting: This is a 3 month program to get the horse rideable.  I do desensitizing, foot handling, leading, lunging, saddling, bridling, bathing, and finally, riding.  It can take a week to get on a horse, it can take a month.  I try to wait for the horse to be ready to make the transition easy and uneventful.  Owners are expected to be involved in training during the past phase before being sent home to ensure that the horse stays on the right path.  Lessons are always available after training is finished.

Training: This training can be geared toward the discipline of your choice and while my specialty is dressage, I have 10 years professional experience with hunters and jumpers.  I firmly believe in combined training.  Most horses really enjoy some time on the trail, even if what they really excel at is dressage.  I personally believe that horses choose their own disciplines. If he loves his job he will do it well. Something he is not made for he will only do mediocre at best.  All training rides are exchangeable for 45 min private lessons.

Problem Horses:  Taken on a case by case basis.  I have worked with problem and feral horses of varying levels.  I have found that often times a weakness is the problem, or other times a mental issue that needs to be worked through.  Sometimes it is something physical, in which case I work closely with many of the areas vets, chiropractors, saddle fitters, and body workers to help resolve the issue.  Please contact me regarding your horse and his or her specific case. I would be happy to discuss some options with you.

Boarder rates:

Billed in advance, at the beginning of the month.

Partial Training (12 sessions/month) $540/month
Full Training (20 sessions/month) $850/month
Individual training rides $50

Travel rates: 

Billed at the end of each month, travel rates do apply, $1 per mile beyond 10 miles.

Individual training rides  $50

These rates do not include board. I will travel to your facility or we can stable the horse at my farm.  Please contact me for more information, rates on boarding, and availability.

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