Lessons are available for anyone with a horse in training, or anyone beginning or furthering their riding skills and horse knowledge. I try to challenge without overwhelming my riders.  Dressage basics are related to all riding disciplines from western to jumping.  I also believe that before changing the way a horse is going, its important to first be able to follow the motion that is given.  I incorporate a lot of theory into riding lessons to develop riders who are able to ride on their own and think critically about how they are affecting the horse.  I want them to understand how and why we are doing something, and I also want them to be able to think about what the next step might be, or if something is going wrong what some possible solutions might be.  I do not just want to be the teacher whose students depend on them to be there to be able to ride.  I want students to explore on their own and grow!  I also encourage riding out in fields, woods, etc. so riders learn to feel the horse’s thoughts and become more rounded horsemen.


1 hour lesson             $60

1 hr semi (2 riders)  $50 each

1 hr group (3+)          $40 each

Lesson horse use      $15

Travel rate

Free travel within 15 miles.  $1/mile after that.

Please inquire about group rates.  Travel fees will apply $1 per mile beyond 15 miles.



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