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Breanna Sprik

Bree has been an avid rider for over 35 years.  She is a USDF silver medalist and is working toward becoming an L judge.  She has also had a successful show career in the jumpers and has dabbled in lower level eventing and fox hunting.

Beginning riding at the young age of 6 Bree started out as a western and bareback wild rider.  She got her first horse, Libby, when she was 12 and trained her herself to do everything from showmanship to trail classes to western and hunter/jumper and barrels.  Eventually riding became more and more of a discipline instead of just one big trail ride, although she does still really enjoy trail rides.

She has been working as a professional for 20 years and has worked with and ridden hundreds of horses.  She has worked with top class western horses, racehorses, hunter/jumpers, eventers, and dressage horses.  She was a working student for 1 year under a grand prix dressage trainer, an upper level event rider, and then a grand prix show jumper.  After being a working student/manager/assistant trainer for 3 years she attended Meredith Manor where she studied equine massage therapy, teaching and learning styles, and riding theory in greater depth.

It is this broad experience that enables her to determine which would be the best discipline to train a horse toward.  It also enables her to think outside the box and creatively problem solve. Whether a piece is needed from the natural horsemanship end or realizing that perhaps the horse would benefit from some cross training or maybe it’s a physical issue in need of some therapy.

Bree also enjoys teaching her customers to become their own horseman/woman.  It is a never ending learning journey and it will never be complete.  She encourages her students to ride and show if that is what they wish to do but above all she wants to teach them to listen to their horse, appreciate the small victories, and develop a relationship and foundation to build on for their entire career together.

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